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STRONG participated in and presided over the revision meeting of the Fourth Edition of Heat Treatment Manual


On the morning of March 13, in order to further improve the revision of the Fourth Edition of Heat Treatment Manual, the leading expert group from the national heat treatment standards committee and the members of the heat treatment group of STRONG summarized the theoretical experience of the first three editions of heat treatment . And both sides in the office building of STRONG  referred to the practical experience of heat treatment experts and scholars all over the country, the fourth edition of heat treatment manual was revised, and the specific modification contents of the Fourth Edition of Heat Treatment Manual were discussed and studied.


This revision of the fourth edition of the manual continues the practice of the third edition, that is, experts and scholars in heat treatment revise their own chapters. The basic principle of revision is to maintain the stability of the previous style of the book and ensure the scientificity, accuracy and timeliness of the revised content.


The main work of the revision focuses on updating theory, modifying some research methods and conclusions, or reinterpretating it. At the meeting, Yin Hanqi, a senior engineer of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, proposed the detection standards of atmosphere, carbon potential control and nitrogen potential control of heat treatment furnace. Dong Xiaohong, general manager of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, proposed the energy saving, environmental protection, safety concept and bottom charging multi-purpose furnace of heat treatment equipment, The application research results of bottom charging multi-purpose furnace in the aspects of no internal oxidation high quality carburizing, thin layer and ultra thin layer carburizing and carbonitriding, less distortion carburizing and quenching, replacing salt bath furnace heating to reduce pollution and adapting to different industries with flexible configuration are introduced in detail. It is very helpful to the latest development of controllable atmosphere heat treatment technology.


As a heat treatment equipment manufacturing enterprise, STRONG TECHNOLOGY has actively participated in the revision of the Fourth Edition of Heat Treatment Manual. It is well aware that standards are the core elements of industrial development and quality technology foundation, and also an important means of industry management in equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is also the basis for equipment design, manufacture, purchase, inspection, use and maintenance. The advanced, coordinated and systematic standards determine the overall level and competitiveness of equipment quality.



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