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Yizumi and STRONG Technology deeply develop mechanical metal materials



In the afternoon of November 23th, Lu Hanming, Chairman; Dong Xiaohong, General Manager; Liang Hang, Deputy General Manager; and Wang Guimao, Deputy General Manager of Strong Technology received a delegation led by Zhen Ronghui, Chairman of Yizumi , Zhang Tao (General Manager of the Injection Moulding Business Department), Su Jiang (General Manager of the Injection Moulding Business Department), Shi Jian (General Manager of the Strategic Procurement Department), Lan Yijun (Manager of the Strategic Procurement Department) and Liu Shan (Procurement Manager of the Die Casting Machine Business Department). After visiting the intelligent production line of the Strong Technology & Yizumi cooperation project, the both sides held positive, steady, pragmatic and sincere talks. A general summary of the project work since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement on April 15th, 2021 was made, and arrangements and requirements for the follow-up work of the project were made. Strong Technology is deeply engaged in material heat treatment, and jointly develops high precision functional parts such as die casting machine pin, steel sleeve, mould adjusting pad, friction plate, material pipe and hammer for Yizumi supporting production, so as to achieve full coverage and supply of main precision metal parts as soon as possible. Strong intelligent production line has preliminary scale. Zhen Ronghui, Chairman and his accompanying senior executives encourage Strong Technology to further improve efficiency, shorten production cycle, reduce production costs and provide full guarantee for injection moulding machines while ensuring the internal quality of each component. In the future, the intelligent production line of the Jiangmen Production Base of Strong Technology will further adjust the layout, increase the work stations, balance the beat, improve the process, and stand firm in the world's high-end equipment together with Yizumi.




 Zhen Ronghui, Chairman said that Yizumi entered the field of new energy vehicles, developed a 7000 ton die-casting machine, and took a high-quality development path. We will closely cooperate with Strong Technology in technical cooperation and joint development in new materials, heat treatment, surface coating and other fields, create more cooperation opportunities, and make the cooperation achievements play a key role in improving the performance of injection moulding machines! Liu Yongsen, Deputy General Manager of the Metal Products Business Department, Jiang Bo, Technical Director of the Metal Products Business Department and Head of Yizumi Project attended the meeting.



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